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About Us

Located in Carrum Downs , Sendai club is a family owned academy that specializes in karate instruction for Kids, Teens and Adults. Our focus is on the study of karate as a means of personal development; mental and physical, for you and your family.

At Sendai Karate Club, we are determined to serve our students with the highest quality instruction, professionalism, and service in the industry.

To achieve our goal we have implemented martial arts and fitness programs that cater to the individual interests of our community. Our Students range from all ages with interest varying from stress relieving, health promoting exercises to intense traditional training that the Martial Arts are so famous for. We offer discipline and character building in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere that anyone can feel comfortable in.

Our instructors are certified experts in karate, but more importantly have also carefully studied both the theory and the practice of teaching for children, teens, and adults. Our instructors are personally committed to your child and family in every class session as they learn and grow. Your family’s karate instruction will help you thrive as you begin to discover, grow, and develop your unique personal potential through your study of the martial arts.

Lastly, we encourage each student to learn at their own pace within a safe, patient and positive environment.



Our mission is to provide a positive experience and awareness of the benefits of Martial arts training. Our top priority is to help individuals and families reach their goals and be the best that they can be.

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