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The history of Sendai Karate


The Chief Instructor of Sendai Karate-Do is 達士 Tasshi Kurt Klimkait. He has trained under the Shūkōkai Masters, O-Sensei Chojiro Tani, Shihan Shigeru Kimura, Shihan Chris Thompson and Shihan Tommy Morris. 

達士 Tasshi Kurt Klimkait originally commenced Karate training in South Africa with Sensei Chris Thomson (then practising Kykokushin) and later under Shihan James Russo who instructed Goju Ryu. 


When Sensei Kimura came to Johannesburg, Sensei Kurt Klimkait and Chris Thomson trained together under him, Impressed with the power and speed of Shūkōkai Karate, Sensei Kurt migrated to Australia and opened his own Dojo in the Western suburbs of Melbourne; In Australia at that time, there were only two Sensei practicing the Shūkōkai style. 


Sensei Kurt together with the other two Sensei trained together to further develop the Shūkōkai style; and to help promote the style Senior instructor Shihan Shigeru Kimura was brouth to our shores. 


Both O-Sensei Chojiro Tani and Sensei Kimura awarded Sensei Kurt his 2nd and 3rd Dans over the years and Sensei Tommy Morris awarded him,

his 4th. 


In 1978, Sensei Kurt felt it was time to move on given his vast experience in Shūkōkai Karate and being the  only Shūkōkai instructor in Australia at the time to have physically attained each and every Dan grade under a Shūkōkai Master and felt it was the right time was right to head his own brand of traditional but progressive Japanese Shūkōkai Karate, hence, Sendai Karate, Sendai Meaning Predecessor.       


Sendai Karate was promply recognised by major worldwide Karate Organisations and is today a strong, succesful and proudly independant organisation with heavy emphasis on traditional Basics , Kata, fighting methods and modern sports karate. 達士 Tasshi Kurt Klimakit is currently ranked 7th Dan. 

Us through the years 

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